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The 12 Week Weight Loss Program

Dr  Cohen’s 12 week weight loss  program is truly based on balanced eating plan. The aspirant is asked to undergo some specific blood tests and on its basis, an individualized weight loss program is planned. He/she is  provided with a diet plan including foods  that were found to be working well with the weight loss process. Obesity is not just result of taking much fats whereas it deals with your metabolism and hormone production. In women, absence of ovulation creates surplus of estrogen hormone and weight goes up like a trigger.   The right eating habits that suits your body fix your weight and gradually fat is break down in a body and the person gets renewed vitality, energy and stamina The uniqueness of this 12 week weight loss program is that at the end of program, the re-feeding program is introduced to the aspirant.In this program, additional foods are introduced along with healthy management guidelines. It accelerates the dedication to take healthy food only. The right

The Connotation Of Losing Weight On A Budget And Busy Schedule

Now a days, one’s beauty is not measured with designer dresses and make-up. Your perfect figure is a statement to your utmost beauty. So, it has become highly important to learn how to lose weight on a budget and busy schedule . Just copying others in terms of physical exercising and taking of more protein won’t solve your purpose. Everyone has different immunity level so only personalized nutrition recommendations can help you to attain attractive figure.   Your blood tests gives detail composition of hormones in your body and your doctor can prescribe accurate diet scheme. Weight gain is a metabolic problem and only a scientific method can cure this problem. When your hormonal composition meets the desired parameters; your weight gets break down and creation of more energy, vitality and stamina takes place. You not only become charming but your insulin requirement goes to lower level. It draws away the fear of diabetes in near future. Besides it, your optimal shape saves you f